Hub City residents raise concerns over street flooding

Hub City residents raise concerns over street flooding
Hub City residents raise concerns over street flooding/Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some residents in the city of Hattiesburg are raising concerns over flooding that is causing damage along their neighborhood street.

Tuesday's rainfall in the Hub City caused flooding along a street that does not drain properly and even led to one resident being injured.

"When it rains, the water starts piling up, about three or four houses long, and it gets real deep and it and it comes up in our yards," Hattiesburg resident Jo Scrape said.

For roughly a year, residents in the 300 block of South 12th Avenue have been battling the rising water and flooded streets whenever it rains.

Scrape said the reason for the constant flooding is all related to drainage problems.

"The roads, people come down real fast when its flooded and we don't drain at all here, so when its flooded they just run through here," Scrape said. "The roads started out perfect, and within about a year it's come to where it's all cracked up and we are getting holes out front."

On Tuesday evening, one of the residents fell attempting to cross the street, and following that, a family member drafted an email to Mayor Johnny DuPree and city council members.

"We reside on the 300 block of south 12th Ave. Hattiesburg, MS.  I am sending this letter in regards to my mother falling due to the amount of water standing on the street.  This fall was due to the poor drainage, and flooded street we have on 12th Avenue.  She was having to step across water standing in the street to cross the road.  I live directly across street from her and she was coming to my house.  This water standing on the street cannot drain properly because of the poor drain system. This happened approximately 6:35 p.m. 12-13-16.  I immediately got her seated to address her injures.  Both hands were skinned up, bleeding, and her left hand immediately started swelling.  Also, her knee was skinned up, bleeding, and swelling.  Due to my concern of broken bones and possible internal injury I felt it necessary to bring her to FGH to get examined.  Upon arriving they got information, and checked her vitals. Her blood pressure was showing 152/121 which we were told was due to the traumatic event of her falling.  She received numerous x-rays, had to get TDAP booster, and they gave her something for nausea.  The x-rays showed that she has a fractured hand on top of having severe pain and can barely move due to this fall.  I am her primary caretaker, and work a full-time job, and this is the beginning of a long healing process that could have been prevented if our city had proper drainage for our streets.  My mother would not have had to step over standing puddles of water in the street if the water would properly drain.  This issue with our streets flooding, and the poor drain system has been reported numerous times by multiple neighbors. This has been reported to our city officials for years, this is an ongoing problem that has never been addressed or resolved.  This problem has not only washed out our street, but has washed out our yards which is lowering the value of our homes.  Water actually backs up in our French drain system that we personally installed to help drain water. I have personally called Mrs. Dryden in the past on this issue, Mr. Larry Barnes, and our city water department.  I also called Mrs. Dryden immediately after my mother's fall 12-13-16 because I have had enough of our poorly ran city and so have our surrounding neighbors.  Something has to be done about our city streets, and our water drainage.  Not to mention our brown city water we pay for and are expected to drink, and the on going sewer problem.  The law abiding, tax paying residents of the city of Hattiesburg deserve better!  This matter will be pursued, and followed up on."

Scrape said she has also reached out to city officials and they did at one time send someone out, but it was no help.

"We have a drain right here by my house that does not drain at all, I took a photo last night of the street when it was flooded and then four hours later and it had not drained at all," Scrape said. "We have called over and over again, sent messages and called, we just want someone to hear us and to come and fix this problem, we have a great neighborhood in the avenues and we are proud of where we live and we just want it fixed."

WDAM 7 On Your Side reached out to Hattiesburg City Hall, who did not respond to requests for comment regarding the issue.