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Officials warn of code language teens use when texting

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It is important for parents to monitor the types of messages their children are sending and receiving, but many parents are not familiar with some of the language used.

Jas N Smith with the Hattiesburg Public School District said many teens use code language when they are texting or even sexting.

For example, IWS- stands for “I Want Sex,” and GYPO means “Get your pants off,” and TDTM means “Talk Dirty to Me.”

“Sexting can encompass a lot of different things,” Smith said. 

Smith said sexting involves more than sending nude pictures or videos.

“It can involve words, it can involve implied activity or intention,” Smith said. 

He said it can land your child in a lot of trouble.

“A child can be brought up on charges of child pornography by sending pictures of themselves,” Smith said.

Smith said it is important to remind your kids that this type of behavior can have long-term damaging effects.  

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