Salvation Army helps those in need during freezing temperatures

Salvation Army helps those in need during freezing temperatures
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Salvation Army is opening the doors to their warming station for folks in need with the temperatures dropping.

"We offer warming stations, and so if an individual finds themselves homeless or without shelter they can easily come here," Salvation Army Captain Stacey Connelly said. "Our doors are open 365 days a year, so the reality is, throughout the week if they need to get warmed up they can come here, they can get a cup of coffee and warm up in our lobby area."

Connelly said the warming station opens their doors when the temperatures fall into the freezing range and they remain open until the temperatures rise above 40.

"The shelter, which opens at 5 p.m. in the evenings when our shelter opens we offer a warm place to stay, a hot meal, coffee, as well as we will remain open until temperatures go above 40," Connelly said.

The shelters located at 5670 U.S. Highway 49 in Hattiesburg, and a side entrance off William Carey Parkway.

The shelter has 44 beds available, but the facility is always willing to accommodate more.

"Our shelter will occasionally reach capacity, very easily, but we are able to respond to that, put out extra cots, grab extra blankets and things of that nature, so that those who do need are taken care of," Connelly said.

For those in need on a cold night, Connelly offered one message.

"Come to the salvation army, and we sleep with our doors open and available for anyone in need 365 days a year," Connelly said.