Press conference held for surge in Jones Co. burglaries

Press conference held for surge in Jones Co. burglaries

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A press conference was held Friday regarding a rash of burglaries in the Jones County area that have authorities on edge.

They said residents are unintentionally contributing to the increase. Oftentimes, criminals will turn to social media to find where you live and what items you may have for them to steal.

Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge said the best way that the community can help is by reporting any suspicious activity to the department.

"We want you to call us with suspicious information because what we do is enter it into a CAD, Computer Aided Dispatch, and that allows us then to at some point down the road, somebody's house or something is stolen from a neighborhood, we're able to go back, pull that area up, pull that information up and it may be the very dot that we need to be able to make a connection that may solve not only one crime but multiple crimes," Hodge said.

Another way you can help law enforcement is to write down all the serial numbers of the items in your home so they can be easily identified if stolen.