Pine Belt to see run-off elections on Nov. 29

Pine Belt to see run-off elections on Nov. 29
Photo credit: WDAM

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Folks around the Pine Belt will head back to polls Tuesday to cast their ballot in a handful of run-off elections.

A few of those noteworthy elections will be in Jones, Lamar and Pearl River counties.

Mississippi House District 106, which includes portions of Lamar and Pearl River counties, is one of the races that will see a run-off.

John Corley and Greg Holcomb will compete to fill Rep. Herb Frierson's former seat after receiving 28 and 25 percent of votes, respectively, in a five-person race. Corley and Holcomb were followed by Larry Davis, who received 19 percent of votes, Ben Winston with 16 percent of votes and Daniel Wise with 12 percent of votes.

"This is really an important race, and they're all important, but this one is especially important for all these people in Lumberton and Yawn, because this is their voice in Jackson," Lamar County Circuit Clerk Martin Hankins said. "We want to encourage everybody to get out there, if you are in Lumberton or Yawn, so those are the 2 out of the 23 precincts that House District 106 falls in to in our county, and we just want to encourage everybody to get out there and let their voice be heard and cast their vote."

Jones County's House District 89 will also see a run-off, which is between Donnie Scoggin and Ron Swindall. They are competing for the House District 89 seat, previously held by Rep. Bobby Shows, after receiving 47 and 31 percent of votes, respectively. The third candidate in that race, Travis Haynes, received 21 percent of votes.

Martin said he does not think the numbers will be as high as the presidential election, but he said he is hopeful.

Forrest County Circuit Clerk Gwen Wilks said no matter how small the run-off election, they are still important.

"A run-off election is just as important as any other election, especially to the people running," Wilks said. "Turnout for a run-off election is very small, its slim to none, but the system can't work without them, it's no different than you going to vote for the first time, you've got to get out there and vote again."

Hankins said, "There are a hand full of counties in the Pine Belt that have run-off elections and if you fall under that county that does have a run-off, in that district, we just want to encourage everybody to get out and vote, the polls are going to be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., make sure you got your photo ID with you and get to the polls and vote."

Other run-off elections:

The Court of Appeals Judge seat, District 3, in Jones County, will also be a run-off between Ed Hannan and Jack Wilson.

Forrest County Election Commissioner, District 4, will also be a run-off between Joycelyn Hammond McCoy and Nancy Faye Noble.