Grieving father pens song for deceased son, proceeds to benefit hospital

Grieving father pens song for deceased son, proceeds to benefit hospital

GULFPORT, MS - A grieving Mississippi father said for months he felt like a recluse.

"I was keeping to myself with my wife," said Beau Bogard. "I hurt so bad, and couldn't even imagine the pain Katie was feeling."

Beau lost his son, Whit, on September 22, 2013.

"He died five hours after being born with left side heart failure," Beau said. "Our world had just crashed. I lost a part of me that day that I'll never get back. I can't explain it, but it changed me, like part of my soul had been ripped away."

Six months after the loss of his son, Beau decided to channel his grief into music.

"I wrote a song in about two days. I didn't write it down or anything, I just sat back and said 'wow,'" Beau said.

The song is called "Really Wanna Know" and the lyrics are as followed:


Once Beau posted the song to Facebook, it went viral with over 35,000 shares. That's when Beau went to Nashville to professionally record the song.

Three years after the loss of his son, Beau decided to use the new platform he had built to give back to the hospital that helped keep his son alive long enough for him and his wife Katie to say their goodbyes.

"The Gulfport Memorial Hospital's NICU went above and beyond for us," Beau said. "They kept my son alive, keeping him on oxygen and doing CPR over and over just so family could spend some time with him."

Beau said NICU workers let them keep Whit until he drew his last breath.

"They worked so diligently to give us that time with him. They really went the extra mile," Beau said.

So far, 300 people have bought the song, but Beau won't get the sales report for another few months to know how much he raised.

"All of the proceeds will go to the NICU fund," Beau said.

The song is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Spotify for purchase.

To listen to or buy Beau's song, click here.

As for other's who may be going through the struggle of losing a child, Beau wanted to share his poignant advice.

"To those who have lost a child, I'm sorry. I truly hate you had to bear the pain and sorrow. Just know that you can and will make it through it, just put your faith where it needs to be, and I'm living proof that He will not let you down," Beau said.