Committee formed to oversee courthouses in Jones County

Committee formed to oversee courthouses in Jones County

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On Election Day, Jones County residents overwhelmingly voted against consolidating the courthouses in Laurel and Ellisville.

Chief Communications Officer Chataura Sanders said officials still want to hear from citizens.

"The community and the citizens have spoken. So with that vote, the Board of Supervisors created this committee," Sanders said.

Sanders said the committee will consist of nine voting members who will give recommendations on how to maintain both courthouses.

"Each Supervisor will appoint a person from their area. Also, the mayors of Laurel, Ellisville, Sandersville and Soso will appoint on person from their community," Sanders added.

Once the committee is formed, they will have to decide how to renovate both courthouses, especially the one in Ellisville, according to Sanders.

"Ellisville does need attention, paint and plastic roofing, so that's what the committee will be going in and seeing, what's the necessary recommendations that the board needs to be aware of," Sanders said.

The board does not know how much it will cost or where the money will come from, but the board has received an estimate from its maintenance director.

"Our maintenance director gave an estimate of 500 to 800 thousand dollars for the Ellisville Courthouse only," Sanders said.