Marion County drug sweep nets 15, more arrests pending

Marion County drug sweep nets 15, more arrests pending
Source: WDAM

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Members of the Marion County Sheriff's Department served multiple high risk search warrants for suspects with felony drug charges, and worked to take dozens of offenders off the streets.

"So far we have recovered just a variety of drugs across the board, we'd say the majority of them is just pills and meth," said Marion County Sheriff's Department Maj. Brad McDermit. "Our biggest problems in the county are methamphetamines and prescription pills."

In two of the search warrants today, deputies arrested Joe Wayne Fillingame and Betty Sue Broom. Both had felony warrants for their arrest, each with felony warrants.


Fillingame is facing multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance (meth), and possession of a controlled substance (meth) while in possession of a firearm.

Search warrants led deputies to weapons, drugs and other paraphernalia.

McDermit said their department has a list of roughly 25 people they are looking to arrest in the county-wide sweep.

"If you are out there and you know you have a felony warrant, you know we are looking for you, you may as well go ahead and turn yourself in to the jail," said McDermit.

McDermit said even taking that many off the street will only slow down the drug scene in Marion County.

"It keeps it knocked back a good bit, you'll never eliminate it completely, all you can do is keep them looking over their shoulder and keep them second guessing," McDermit said.

By Friday evening, the task force had made 15 arrests, and planed to work into the night.

The names of the suspects, their charges and other information will be released after the sweep is completed.