Jones County seeking volunteer firemen

Jones County seeking volunteer firemen

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County is requesting more volunteers for the area fire departments, especially during day hours.

"We are taking advantage of every possible option to achieve recruitment of able bodied and willing persons, men and women, to join a Jones County VFD near their home," said Caleb Worrell with the Jones County Fire Council.

According to Worrell, only a few firefighters are able to respond during the day due to work and school schedules. While personnel is more available at night, overall, turnout has been lacking.

"This makes performing our duties incredibly difficult, time consuming, and laborious," Worrell said.

"I'm not sure that there will ever be a point that we will 'stop' taking volunteers that are willing, but at this time, the need for more is extreme, especially during the day time," Worrell added.