IHL board member discusses USM out-of-state tuition decrease

IHL board member discusses USM out-of-state tuition decrease

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Institute of Higher Learning Board Member Tom Duff addressed a crowd about the role of IHL in the Magnolia state in Marion County Tuesday.

He was the featured speaker at the Columbia Rotary Club, which has about 40 members.

The University of Southern Mississippi recently asked the IHL Board to lower its out-of-state tuition cost for out-of-state residents by 40 percent and has since gotten an approval to this request.

Seven on your side asked him how effective of a tool would this move be in boosting enrollment at Southern Miss.

"We at the college board looked at it from a financial standpoint to make sure that the loss of revenue of the out-of-state students that are there now that will get a discounted rate will be offset by the increase in students coming from other states," Duff said.  "The University of Southern Mississippi needs an increase in enrollment. There are frankly not enough students coming out of Mississippi high schools at the moment to supply the needs of the universities within this state."

He added, "What we have found is that when out-of-state students look, see the results that are at that institution we feel very positive that there will be an increase in students in the next two to four years."

Duff, who serves on the nine-member board, also said the student population increase would be about 200 to 500 students per year.