Residents protest school consolidation in Jeff Davis Co.

Residents protest school consolidation in Jeff Davis Co.

JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jeff Davis County residents gathered at the superintendent's office Monday to protest the consolidation of Prentiss and Bassfield high schools.

An action group called The Jefferson Davis County School Preservation Action Group is now suing the county school board.

President Bobby Wilson said the district is not being straightforward about the consolidation.

"The board and the superintendent told us that they had made up their minds, and it doesn't matter what the citizens have to say," Wilson explained.

The protesters said they don't want their schools combined, and school officials have not explained the reason behind the consolidation.

"We couldn't get any answers from the school board after they perpetrated a lot of false information," Wilson added.

Wilson said school officials said the consolidation stemmed from a lot of issues, including money.

"We brought the 2015 state audit," Wilson said. "It showed that that was not true."

We've reached out to school officials, but our calls have not been returned.

The consolidation is expected to take effect in the upcoming school year.