Reminder: Burn ban still in effect for Jones Co.

Reminder: Burn ban still in effect for Jones Co.

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a press release from the Jones County Fire Council.

Jones County residents are reminded that the county is still under an active burn ban, and this ban will not be lifted until further notice.

Jones County saw some rain earlier this week, but the amount was not nearly sufficient enough to ease the ever-drying conditions locally and across the state. Most of Mississippi has burn ban restrictions in place, as well as warnings for drought conditions.

Any flame or even a heat source that isn't necessarily visible fire can cause out-of-control burns with ease. The muffler from an idling car sitting in a yard atop grass can ignite a fire, or a poorly extinguished cigarette can quickly lead to dangerous fire conditions for residents, as well as firefighters in the area.

All residents are asked to stop performing outside burns, such as burning off brush, bon fires, or burning trash piles. All of these activities can and will lead to extremely dangerous fire conditions that not only place your life and property and others' lives and property at risk, but Jones County Volunteer Firefighters are put at great risk when fighting these fires. Fast-moving and shifting winds can cause especially hazardous conditions when an outside burn is performed.

On Friday, Nov. 11, Glade Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene of a trash pile burning near a structure off of Don Curt Boulevard. It was initially reported to be a structure fire but was later stated that the nearby cottage home was in danger.

Firefighters on scene quickly extinguished the trash fire, but the vinyl siding on the cottage suffered damage from melting due to the intense heat. If it weren't for the quick response by firefighters, this situation could have been much worse. This incident stands as a great example of the dangers involved with outside burns during the current extreme dry conditions.

Performing any outside burns can result in a fine of up to $500 and is illegal during the burn ban.