Blueprints prove helpful to Jones County SWAT Team

Blueprints prove helpful to Jones County SWAT Team
Photo credit: WDAM

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff's department is incorporating building plans and blueprints into its tool belt when it comes to active shooter preparedness.

The department is collecting floor plans from businesses and buildings around the county to help them in the event of a life-or-death situation.

"With our SWAT team we have implemented efforts to getting floor plans from different places, especially schools and churches here in the county," Jones County Sheriff's Department Maj. Jamie Tedford said.

The blueprints are a key tool for members of the sheriff's department.

"Those are all things from law enforcement perspective that is very important for us to have the plans up front, because seconds, seconds could save lives," Tedford said. That's just something simple that a lot of times that people just don't think about, or businesses don't think about."

The plans take out some of the guess work when law enforcement officers are trying to contain or handle a threat.

"We can jerk those plans out and if the guys in the closet, if he's in the back school room or whatever then you're able to get a tactical advantage of where that he's at, what we can do, what do we need to do at this time, do we need to come in from the rear, do we need to come in from the front," Tedford said.

All of the plans are stored and locked away in the department's SWAT office.

Tedford said members of the department also do walkthroughs so they can be familiar with different buildings in the county.

"You know…coming through and just doing a walk-through, eyeballing it, that way that somebody in the department actually has seen the layout and if there ever is an active shooter situation we're able to take that into account," Tedford said. "I know that the public probably really don't think about, but we think about that constantly day in, day out of what we can do, what the what ifs are, when it happens, what we're going to do, are we prepared, and we want the citizens to know that we're doing that and that we're trying to be prepared for something if it does happen in Jones County."

If you are interested in the department having a copy of your building plans, you can contact the Jones County Sheriff's Department for more information.