Senator Wicker releases statement after Republicans retain Senate

Senator Wicker releases statement after Republicans retain Senate

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - NRSC Chariman and Senator Roger Wicker released a statement after election results confirmed that Republicans protected their majority in the United States Senate.

Wicker released the following statement:

"Two years ago, voters elected a Republican majority to put the Senate back to work doing the people’s business. Over the last two years, Republicans have delivered on that promise and voters have spoken once again. They have entrusted our party to continue working on behalf of the American people and called on the Senate to carry out its constitutionally prescribed role as a check on the next president.

“Republicans won because we had better candidates, ran better campaigns, invested early, and starting on day one, made every preparation to run in an uncertain and volatile political environment. We ran targeted, data-driven campaigns and communicated directly with voters. Those efforts paid off. With the map strongly favoring Democrats and uncertainty at the top of the ticket, we protected our majority and paved the way for a Republican-run Senate for years to come.”

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