MS Power, Pine Belt Electric warn of new phone scam

MS Power, Pine Belt Electric warn of new phone scam

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Mississippi Power Company and some Pine Belt electric cooperatives are warning people about a new phone scam.

Some callers say they are receiving calls that are threatening to disconnect customers or co-op members unless they make a payment immediately.

In some cases, the caller provides false information about how and where they can make a payment. In at least one case, a caller told a Mississippi Power customer he would come by in person to get a payment.

"We're never going to send someone to your house or to your business to make a collection out in the field," said Jeff Shepard, a Mississippi Power Spokesman. "We do not do field collections. Two, we're not ever going to call you up and ask you for your personal information or your banking information."

Leif Munkel, the Communications Coordinator for Southern Pine Electric echoed Shepard's statement as well.

"We don't contact our members about disconnects. If you get a call regarding something like that from somebody saying they're with Southern Pine Electric, make sure to give us a call," Munkel said. "Check on that. Don't give any personal information out over the phone."

Dixie Electric does have an automated call system, but the co-op says it would never tell a member how they should make a payment.

If you suspect a scam, please call 601-785-6511 for Southern Pine Electric, 1-800-532-1502 for Mississippi Power, and 601-736-2666 for Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association, or Dixie Electric 601-425-2535.