Jones County citizens vote to keep both courthouses

Jones County citizens vote to keep both courthouses

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County voters say they want to keep both of the courthouses in the county, but that vote is not binding.

There were 16,768 votes against consolidation, and 8,693 votes for consolidation.

Discussions of closing one of the courthouses began after the Jones County Board of Supervisors proposed the idea of switching to a one courthouse system as a way to save tax dollars.

Some residents voiced concern about this decision, so the board decided to leave the decision up to votes.

For over a century Jones County has operated and paid for two courthouses; one in Laurel and one in Ellisville. The courthouses are eight miles apart.

The Ellisville courthouse is a historical landmark and cannot be closed.

Although voters chose to keep both courthouses, the vote is a non-binding referendum. This means the board is not required to act on the outcome.