Ellisville Domino's hosts "dough raiser" for girl's medical expenses

Ellisville Domino's hosts "dough raiser" for girl's medical expenses
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - As the dough rose on the fresh pizzas at the Domino's in Ellisville, so did the money for a family coping with the financial responsibilities that came along with their bundle of joy.

Everly Kate May was born with CMV,  a condition stemming from a virus. The Domino's held a "dough raiser" to chip in with the challenge.

"We're always looking for ways to get involved with the community, and it really means something especially when they're struggling with something like this," said Brian Tolar, the District Manager.

The Domino's in Ellisville prepared pizzas with an additional purpose on Thursday. They gave 20% of their earnings to help Everly May's family with medical expenses.

"The love that we have for Everly, that we share is bigger than we could ever imagine...bigger than we ever thought it would be," said Joey May. Everly's dad.

Their blessing came with more responsibility than expected. A CMV diagnosis left severe and irreversible damage, causing her brain to form incorrectly, hearing loss, a low immune system, and silent aspiration.

"Some days are just lazy, but some days are super, super busy," said Alyce May, Everly's mom.

Appointments, therapy, and commuting to multiple cities are all a part of the May's lives that prove to be expensive.

"When we first found out that there was something wrong with Everly, but didn't know what, we went straight to our pastor and took it to God," Alyce said.

The community poured in on that day to contribute to the dough raiser. It was a day that every slice fulfilled them in more than one way.

"That's a blessing.  It's a major blessing," Alyce said.

Joey said it was emotional to have people reach out and say,'I don't know you, but we want to help.'