Resident speak on consolidating Jones Co. Courthouses

Resident speak on consolidating Jones Co. Courthouses

The Jones County Board of Supervisors had the opportunity to hear from voters on the issue of consolidating the courthouses in Laurel and Ellisville.

 During a citizen’s forum held at Jones County Junior College Tuesday, most people were opposed to consolidating the two judicial districts, including resident Larry Dykes.

"We're talking about two of the oldest, beautiful historic buildings in the state of Mississippi,” Dykes explained.

Residents raised a number of concerns including misinformation that appears to be spreading throughout the community.

"I think we should have been given more information on the courthouses so we can make the right decision for the citizens of Jones County,” one resident said.

President, Jerome Wyatt tried to clear up all the rumors during the forum.

“The sentiment seems to be, keep both courthouses viable and repair them both,” Wyatt added.

He said the people spoke loud and clear and they will take their concerns into consideration.

“We heard that and that's what we'll carry back to the rest of our board and we're going to put together a strategy and we'll do what's best for the county,” Wyatt said.

This issue will appear on the ballot Tuesday as a non-binding referendum, which means officials don’t have to support the outcome of the vote.