Player of the Week: Dual threat talent gives Morgan award

Player of the Week: Dual threat talent gives Morgan award

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Back in the summer, Northeast Jones coach Keith Braddock had an idea for William Morgan that would greatly impact the squad.

"This summer (during) summer workouts," Morgan recalled. "He came and pulled me aside and talked to me about it."

The it that Morgan is talking about is playing both sides of the ball. This move has proved vital in the Tigers' playoff dreams.

Last week, Morgan accounted for two touchdowns in a 16-6 win over Newton County. The win secured the final playoff spot in Region 5-4A. The biggest play from Morgan was a 91-yard fumble return.

"All I remember was my fellow teammate Dylan Foster," Morgan said. "He was the one that had stripped the ball for me. I thank him for that. The ball was on the ground and I saw an opening. So I picked the ball up and I just took off."

What Morgan has been able to do on the field for Northeast Jones is nothing short of impressive. How so? Well, he is the only player putting in consistent double duty.

"He's actually the only player we got that goes both ways," Braddock said. "That starts both ways. We have some that do it sparingly but he's a guy that does and it and he plays special teams too. So he played a big role in the victory (last week)."

A senior, time is ticking on Morgan's high school career.

"I really love being a part of this team for these four years," Morgan said. "It was pretty challenging coming from a ninth grader to coming to a tenth grader. Then start getting in a roll playing in a high school game."

Even more than Morgan's dual threat talents, Braddock said he is provided leadership in his daily approach.

"Well he's provided great leadership," he said. "One because if you've got a kid that's a great play maker the kids are going to following him. But Will knows how to prepare himself and practice. And he practices extremely hard."

Morgan and his teammates hope the games last a few more weeks. The Tigers open postseason play Friday at Florence County. You better believe Morgan will be all over that field.

"We need to pick up our tempo at practice," Morgan said. "We need to have a great, great practice this week to have a chance to win Friday."