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Prentiss woman brings Prairie View's "Marching Storm" to perform for hometown students

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Jackson State University battled it out with Prairie View A & M's Panthers this weekend, and a part of the homecoming hype for every historically Black College or University face-off is the battle of the bands.

 As Prairie View's Marching Storm made the seven hour plus trip from Texas to Jackson, they made a stop in Prentiss for a special appearance meant to give hope.

The Marching Storm's triumphant trumpets, fearless drum-majors, and daring dancers  brought spirit and soul to the Prentiss football field before they headed to Jackson.

The stop was sentimental for Felecia Nave who walked the halls of Prentiss schools,graduating with the class of 1992.

"When I graduated from Prentiss, there were others before me who I could look to who had gone off to accomplish greater things, so I didn't see why I couldn't do that as well," said Felecia Nave, Senior VP for Academic Affairs.  

She now makes it a point to be a trailblazer using trumpets and snare drums to sound off how success is attainable for the kids in her hometown.

"That's major. It's not often that a university gets a chance to come visit a high school, and in our case an elementary school.  What an awesome experience for our J.E. Johnson babies and the entire district!" said Carrie Walker,   J.E. Johnson Elementary School Principal.  

"It underlines the fact that education is still something to be excited about," Nave said.

Excitement for the students who rolled in on busses from surrounding schools was an understatement. Especially when the marching storm blew out the Blues.

The gesture exposed Prentiss students to opportunities for higher education  and the exhilaration that comes with the college atmosphere.  For the Marching Storm band members,  it set an example of giving back.

"It's always good to give back to the people and let them see what they could possibly do in the future," said Gary Jackson. He said he plans to do the same once he becomes a band director.  

"Anything we can do to be a part of that vehicle to inspiring the next generation of kids to go off for higher education... I'm all for that," Nave said.

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