Mississippi boy dresses as his Army Dad for school 'Hero Day'

Mississippi boy dresses as his Army Dad for school 'Hero Day'

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A 10-year-old Mississippi boy didn't wear a cape for his school's Hero Day. Instead, he wore boots and camouflage.

Keith Collins attends Dixie Attendance Center and is in the 5th grade.

This week was Red Ribbon Week at the school, and kids could dress each day to match a different theme. Wednesday was "Hero Day."

"I think he already had a plan, but every night we talked about what he was going to wear the next day," said Julie Collins, Keith's mother. "I asked him what he was going to wear and he said 'some of Dad's stuff.'"

Keith said that his Dad inspires him because he is so smart, and that he looks up to his Dad because he pushes him to do his best in sports and school.

For Julie and Sid, this meant more than words could say.

"It made me weepy," Julie said. "We are so proud of Sid. Keith wants to be just like him, and looks just like him. He's his mini-me."

Captain Sid Collins deployed in June to Kosovo. He will return home in June of next year.

Pam West, a teacher at Dixie Attendance Center, said when she saw Keith in the hallway in uniform she stopped in her tracks.

"I thought that was really awesome and the bond between him and his Dad must be strong," West said. "I was pleased to see some real-American heroes making a difference in the lives of our youth."

While Sid is away, Julie says she and both her kids keep in contact through Facetime.

"Facetime is the best invention ever," Julie said. "I remember 20 years ago I had to share a pay phone with 200 other soldiers, so this is great."

Julie and her  kids are able to speak to Sid on weekends, and she calls him everyday on her lunch break.

"I'm doing great, we have such a great support system through church, and we are just so proud of Sid," Julie said. "It makes me so proud that he (Keith) admires Sid like that, because Sid is such a good man."