Jones County fire officials respond to large brush fire, two wrecks

Jones County fire officials respond to large brush fire, two wrecks

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Thursday afternoon, units from Glade, Powers and M&M Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to the scene of a large brush fire on Township Road at Freedom Road in the Glade community.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they found several pockets of fire spread out alongside of the road and extending into a wooded area. Due to the extreme lack of moisture and severe dry conditions, the fire quickly spread, requiring the assistance of Mississippi Forestry.

According to the Jones County Fire Council, firefighters worked  for over an hour to control the blaze, but due to the thickness of the treed areas, Mississippi Forestry was tasked with setting up a fire barrier in those areas to contain the fire.

According to reports, the fire started due to a county bush hog that had been mowing in the area. This incident is a prime example that even heat radiating from a vehicle can cause fires during severe dry spells that Jones County is currently experiencing.

While firefighters were working at the scene of the brush fire, a collision occurred between a blue car and an M&M Brush truck. No injuries were reported and the damage to both vehicles was minimal, according to the news release issued by JCFC.

Minutes later, another accident occurred only yards from the first accident, involving the same blue car from the first wreck. At the scene of the second accident, firefighters found the blue car wedged into a ditch with one of its tires off of the ground. Damage was still minimal, but the car required several people to remove it from the ditch. No injuries were reported at the second wreck.

The brush fire at Township and Freedom follows a string of other out-of-control brush fires across the county since the burn ban was put into place. Even with a small chance of rain in the area, Jones County residents are reminded that a burn ban is still in effect. Conditions are far too dry to be attempting any outside burns, and these conditions will remain so until further notice.

Rescue personnel on scene included Glade, Powers and M&M Volunteer Fire Departments, Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna, Jones County Sheriff's Department, Jones County Public Information Officer Caleb Worrell and Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Fire apparatus included Glade Brush and Tanker; Powers Brush, Engine and Tanker; and M&M Brush.