Lamar County officials gear up for election day

Lamar County officials gear up for election day

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - With Election Day approaching, officials in Lamar County were hard at work Tuesday preparing for the big day.

Lamar County Circuit Clerk, Martin Hankins said they've been preparing for weeks.

"We're preparing for a high turnout. We've been preparing for this for the past month," Martin explained.

He said there are some things voters should keep in mind before heading to the polls.

Hankins said voters cannot wear any type of campaign paraphernalia supporting a particular candidate when casting a ballot.

"You will be asked to turn it inside-out in order to cast your vote." Hankins added.

Taking photographs while voting and posting it to social media is also not allowed.

"That actually is a fine, and they are subject to being arrested by law enforcement, so we encourage people not do that," Hankins said.

Hankins wants residents to know they work hard to make sure every vote counts.

"We test everything, every machine. We test every scanner to confirm that nothing has happened before-hand," Hankins explained.

Mississippi law also requires voters to have an acceptable form of identification when going to the polls.