Recent cyber attack raise questions about computer safety

Recent cyber attack raise questions about computer safety
How to steer clear from computer hackers. Photo Credit WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The recent denial of service attack shut down major websites in the United States. Some of the websites included user friendly giants like Amazon, Netflix and Twitter.

The hack forced many people to question the security of their own devices.

In the Pine Belt, Computer Karma deals with computer viruses on a daily basis. They advised people not to give out personal information to people on the internet.

"A lot of that stuff comes from pop-ups. It will try to redirect your browser so it can then ask you for information or gather information on you," Computer Karma technician Taylor Simonton said.

There is no specific time of year when the number of cyber attacks increase, but according to experts, the number of cyber attacks aimed toward the government has increased.

"People are coming out and saying, 'hey this stuff is happening to us. This is something that we're fighting,'"  Simonton said. "It is happening and we want people to know that it is."

If you do give your information away to criminals, it is important to follow the appropriate steps.

"Change your passwords immediately, and afterward bring your device to a company that can clean it up for you," he said.

If personal data is stolen, it can be difficult for law enforcement to recover.

"The people who are doing this are mostly overseas, they're usually in jurisdictions that these authorities can't affect. You usually have to rely on the credit card companies or the banks to help you, but in some cases they can't," Simonton said.

The denial of service attack is different from the many common cyber crimes we hear about on daily basis.

A denial of service attack only prevents users from using the requested website and personal data is never transferred.