Hattiesburg's Southern Eye Center does free cataracts surgeries

Hattiesburg's Southern Eye Center does free cataracts surgeries

HATTIESBURG, MS - It's was a national day set aside for people all over the country to "make a difference" in their own communities.

Hattiesburgers played their role in one of the largest single days of service nationwide. They met up with patients at Southern Eye Center where they see eye-to-eye with the Pine Belt area's vision needs.

Five patients left with special gifts.

We wake up and open our eyes like clock-work often times over-looking the value of a seemingly simple act.

"This is really important. Somebody's vision is such an important thing to them. It can be the difference between holding a job or somebody not be able to hold a job," said C
ameron Griffith, Cataract Specialist at Southern Eye Center.

For those who don't have such a clear view, surgeons at the Southern Eye Center are on what they could call a backyard mission trip.

"What I like to tell people is you can travel all over the world and find people to help, but they are right here at home and we need to take care of our hometown people as well,"
Griffith said.

The surgeons saw cataract patients early in the morning. Before the end of the day, five people walked away with the gift of sight.

"These were all referred in by local optometrist. We have a referral program during this time of year where our local referring eye doctors find out if patients have cataract, have visual needs and they come to southern eye center and we take care of them,"
Griffith said.

The program is set up where uninsured or under insured patients can have this procedure done at no cost to them," Griffith said. "We've had patients come in and say, 'I can't go to work, I can't see,' and then those patients get back into the workforce and they love it. They're able to actually enjoy life again, provide for their own families, and do that type of stuff, so it really makes us happy to be able to help."