Antonio Wright shares wisdom with Southern Miss football

Antonio Wright shares wisdom with Southern Miss football

HATTIESBURG, MS - Antonio Wright has been traveling the country for 20 years now, passing along his wisdom to groups like the Southern Miss football team.

On Thursday afternoon, the Golden Eagles had the chance to hear Wright's story. The Jackson native graduated from Provine high school before playing football at Hinds Community College and Jackson State.

In February of 1996, two events would change his outlook on life forever. Wright would be involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed. Shortly after being released from the hospital, Wright's younger brother was shot and killed.

"I talked to (Southern Miss) about three things," Wright said. "First of all, victory, it's bigger than wins. And we talked about changing their perspective, how you look at things, and putting in maximum effort by playing and living with passion. And then, life is going to be hard, things are going to be tough. There's going to be times when you don't want to but you have to persevere."

For a Southern Miss team that's been focused a lot on wins and losses lately, Wright's speech gave the Golden Eagles perspective.

"Just fighting in life, you know," Southern Miss junior running back Ito Smith said. "He's been through a lot in his life. He just came and talked to us and told us that the fight's never over 'til you're in the casket. And never give up. Whatever you're going through in life, it always can be worsened."

The latest venture for the ever-buoyant Wright is becoming USM's wheelchair basketball coach. As he continues his journey through life, he hopes to make even the slightest imprint on as many lives as he can.

"As a football coach you get wins and losses," Wright said. "In this game, you don't lose. And some people say, if I can only reach one. I'm not putting a limit on God. I really think we can reach them all."