Mother of accused killer apologizes for son's actions

Mother of accused killer apologizes for son's actions

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The mother of the teenager accused of killing Tamerick Drummond in Laurel Tuesday said she is sorry for his actions.

Mekel Antwon Crumbly was charged with Drummond's murder and made his appearance in court Wednesday.

Mechelle May said the teens were once friends, but she does not know where it all went wrong.

"He said we were just riding. I saw him and I panicked and that's what he said happened," May said.

She said she is speaking out now because her son is not a bad kid, he just made a mistake.

"He didn't intentionally try to do this, he was just caught up in the wrong situation," May said.

But May said the pain she feels could never compare to what Drummond's family now has to cope with.

“And Mekel is deeply sorry. I just want to tell the family that I'm praying for their strength, but we need strength as well and we just deeply sorry,” May said. 

With both families now stricken with grief and heartache, May hopes that faith will one day turn this tragedy into triumph.

"I just want us to get together and put a stop to all of this and come up with some way we can bring these kids together and a stop to all this," May said.