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Facility upgrades, hydrant testing causing brown water in Hattiesburg pipes

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Hattiesburg residents complaining about brown water in their pipes are getting an explanation from the water department. 

Chad Frierson, director of the Hattiesburg Water and Sewer Department, said the city's upgrading its water plants and that combined with hydrant testing by the fire department created a bigger problem than anticipated. 

"We just ask that the citizens be patient with us, and we have out trying to flush the system as I'm speaking now," he said.

He said he hopes things are back to normal by the end of the week, but said people should be able to fix most of the problem by running water through their homes.

"You can generally try to clear, you know, flush it at your home and see if it clears up," Frierson said. "If it doesn't clear up after about 10 or 15 minutes of flushing, just call the city, and we'll come out. We'll flush some fire hydrants out and try to move some more water throughout the system."

Frierson said to call the city's action center at (601) 545-4500 if the problem continues.

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