Rawls Springs resident says he's being overcharged for water

RAWL SPRINGS, MS (WDAM) - Rawls Springs resident Adrian Hinton is angry about his water bill and he wants something done about it.

Hinton rents a home on Brantley Drive and is a customer of Rawls Springs Utility.

He said in the last couple of months, his bill has increased from an average of about $30 each month to over $250.

He said he has no leaks on the property and said no one is using his water.

Becky McGaugh, office manager with Rawls Springs Utility, said she does not know why Hinton's property is using so much water.

She said utility district maintenance crews have walked around the property, but found no leaks.

She also said the water meter has also been replaced and is working properly.

"It is a mystery, but (the water) is going through the meter," she said.

Hinton said he is considering legal action.

"I'm not saying that (Rawl Spring Utility) is out to get somebody, but somebody up there knows what's going on and I just want some answers," he said.

McGaugh said the average monthly water bill for two people living in one home is about $35.

She said water rates for Rawls Springs Utility have not gone up in at least five years.