Oak Grove volleyball officials battle cancer in benefit game

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It looked like a normal volleyball game at Oak Grove, but the match up had a twist.

The four officials - Mike, Marvin, Kevin, and Robert not only battled each other on the volleyball court, but duked it out in a battle for one of their own.

There were officials, whistles, and a cheering crowd, but this volleyball game had a deeper purpose.

"We have a volleyball official who was battling cancer this year, one of our volleyball leaders," said Robert Doan, Hattiesburg Officials Assigning Secretary.

His battle against cancer is what drew the four officials to work this game and selflessly, give up their pay checks.

"All of the volleyball officials working the match today will donate all of their game fees, all their game checks, and then we're also going to ask for donations from the fans and all of the money will be donated to 'officials vs. cancer'," Doan said.

Officials versus cancer is an initiative to raise awareness.

"We looked into it as a volleyball group to help to raise money for cancer research," Doan said.

The four men are not only donated their time and money, but they've asked for the community's help too.  It was great gesture for a great cause that many Pine Belt families have felt the woes of.  There was a clear win for all involved.

"He battled this summer and although the doctors did not give him the ok to officiate this year. He's cancer free, and he's doing a lot better," Doan said.

It's something they could all cheer about.   Another group of people spiking cancer in the game we call life.

It was the first time the officials participated in the event. They said they raised over $800.00 and plan to do it again next year.