Hattiesburg City Council expected to approve plans to improve lagoons

Hattiesburg City Council expected to approve plans to improve lagoons

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg City Council is expected to approve two service plans with companies to improve the function of its wastewater lagoons.

"Those people have really started working, getting things done now, so we're just finalizing what we've already started," said Carter Carroll, council president.

The first is a professional services contract with L&A Contracting to "take over the service of the lagoon," according to Carroll, that caps the city's payment at $1.2 million.

"They are going to do everything from bush hogging around the lagoons to the actual aeration, all of the work that needs to be done there," Carroll said.

The scope of the work listed in the contract includes:

  • Maintenance of the aerators
  • Maintenance of the diffused air system
  • Maintain and check daily the blower for diffused air system
  • Maintain and check daily the chlorination and dechlorination equipment
  • Maintenance of grounds
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Maintenance of flow meters
  • Issue dump tickets to portable sewage haulers
  • Collect and record daily logs information for north and south lagoons
  • Other duties as requested by city staff to maintain proper and safe operation of the city's wastewater facilities

The second is a $30,375 agreement with APG Neuros for a one year maintenance service plan to repair, replace and ensure the lagoon's blowers are working correctly.

"We have really got everything going with the lagoon working well, so that, hopefully, we can stay within our requirements for the DEQ (Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality)," Carroll said.

As far as if this lagoon improvement is a long-term solution or an alternative to a completely new wastewater treatment system, Carroll said this is the plan for now.

"It's what we're doing at the moment because we are meeting the requirements according to DEQ, and we still have some work to do with the agreed order to make sure that's taken care of," Carroll said. "We're just mainly waiting for the new requirements from DEQ."