Sick Hattiesburg child becomes honorary junior firefighter

Sick Hattiesburg child becomes honorary junior firefighter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A 10-year-old suffering with an autoimmune disease had her dreams come true, thanks to her heroes.

Karen and Robert Waller have been in and out of hospitals with their daughter Vickie for over a year. Doctors have diagnosed Vickie with severe atopic dermatitis, which is a severe case of eczema.

Robert said their daughter Vickie has loved firemen and firetrucks ever since she was little. They hoped hearing from them would encourage her during her recovery.

Encouragement from firefighters from all over the world poured in after Vickie's mother reached out to them over Facebook.

Once Vickie's story began reaching beyond the boarders of her home, fire services across the state opened their doors and hearts to this little girl. She even had the opportunity to tour the Mississippi State Fire Academy.

Volunteer Fire Departments in Jones County also invited Vickie on a tour of two of their fire stations, Sharon and Shady Grove.

Taking a ride in Shady Grove's fire truck to spraying water with a Sharon Volunteer Firefighter, Vickie was exuberant. Nothing would stand in her way, not even her illness, from enjoying a day with firefighters.

Karen mentioned  that she has not seen so much energy in her daughter in a long time, and was very grateful for the compassion that our volunteers were giving to Vickie.

After the tours, photos and playing firefighter had concluded, both departments presented Vickie with gift baskets, including firefighter gear, toys and plenty of candy.

Shady Grove fire department bestowed Vickie with the greatest honor - she would be forevermore an Honorary Junior Firefighter.