Raw sewage, odor angering some Hattiesburg residents

Raw sewage, odor angering some Hattiesburg residents

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Residents on Cross Creek Parkway in Hattiesburg are angry about the foul odor in the area.

Sandy Guice lives in a nearby apartment complex. She said the smell has been bad for more than week now.

"I don't like the smell that's for certain. It was subtle to begin with and it became more pronounced," Guice explained.

Other people who live in the area reached out to Seven On Your Side about this issue.  Some of them are concerned that it's raw sewage.

One viewer said the drainage is going into the creek two miles from his home, and he can still smell it.

Guice said city officials need to do something fast.

"Get the water tested for E. Coli because that would present a definite health danger," Guice added.

Dr. Benjamin Burkett with Merit Health agrees.

"E. Coli is one that is present in sewage and would be of particular concern if it got into for instance a cut on somebody's skin," Dr. Burkett said.

Dr. Burkett said it's best if resident stay far away from raw sewage.

"If for some reason there is raw sewage that's running in an open place and not where it's supposed to be, that certainly couldn't make the health of those that live in the area a little bit worse," Burkett said.

Seven On You Side reached out to the city about the issue, and Chinika Hughes, assistant to the mayor, said the problem was fixed and the smells may be from old pipes.