Huddle House workers employed, still unpaid

Huddle House workers employed, still unpaid

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Huddle House employees who lost their jobs when the restaurant on Highway 98 unexpectedly closed now have jobs at new franchises, but still remain unpaid.

"That's a great thing," said Mickey Smith, who now works as a general manger at another Huddle House franchise. "They really stood out, came at us, opened their doors, opened their hearts to us and allowed us the opportunity to be employed."

Smith said he and the other employees still have not been paid for their from the other store.

"We haven't received not one dime from that location," Smith said. "I know it's a sad situation. Hopefully in the near future to come, something will happen and we'll be reconciled."

The new Huddle House franchise is trying to make that easier.

"We are trying to work on assisting and helping them on the money that they're owed from the previous franchisee that shut down the 98 store," said Jason Morgan, president of Shamrock Alliance and Huddle House franchisee. "Obviously, it was an independent, separate individual. We don't condone how it closed, but unfortunately, it did. We're just trying to help out any of the team member for the 98 store."

Morgan said Smith and others are planning to take legal action against the franchise owner of the closed store, and said his company is "trying to support them in anyway (they) possibly can."