Consider This: Help those in need

Consider This: Help those in need

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The entire planet has had recent disasters that left millions of people in need and remind us of the importance of helping others.  We've had a hurricane that severely impacted already-struggling Haiti and caused death and destruction along the East Coast, wild fires and mudslides in California, and earthquakes in several countries.

These disasters bring to light the need to help those hurting and without.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the volunteer rate in the United states is 25.4 percent, which is down from previous years.

While the majority of US citizens are not wealthy, most of us are in a position to help those in need in some way.

We can volunteer a little of our time to programs such as providing tutoring for children, meals to the elderly and needy, building homes for low-income and elderly families, allowing a care-giver to have some much-needed time alone, organizing activities or snacks for retirement and nursing homes.  The need is endless and the volunteers grow fewer each year.

Mississippi, while lagging behind in many things, ranks number 2 in charitable giving in the United States.  We should be proud of that fact, but just as we give money to worthwhile causes, we should also give of ourselves and our time.

Consider This:  What better way to set a positive example for our children and grandchildren than to offer ourselves to help those in need?