States with best & worst voter representation on Election Day

States with best & worst voter representation on Election Day

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - November's landmark presidential election is just weeks away. And two questions remain: Who will win the presidency and will voter representation be better or worse for some states compared to the 2012 election?

According to a recent WalletHub study, analysts ranked each state on overall voter representation to find out what states have the best and worst representation in terms of gender, race and age.

Mississippi was ranked 36th in overall voter representation with an index of 83.21 percent, while other neighboring states including Louisiana, Florida and Georgia had better voter turnout.

The Magnolia State also ranked 47th in racial representation with an index of 61.22 percent. However, Mississippi snagged first place in age representation with an index of 92.39 percent.

The study concluded that the national voter representation index is 87 percent. According to election history, there is low voter turnout among young, minority and low-income citizens. This is especially prevalent during midterm and other non-presidential elections.

While conducting the study, analysts considered data from the 2012 presidential election for both state and national voter representation. The state voter representation index was based on factors including race, age and gender.

As for the national voter representation index, the same factors were weighted as well as employment status, family income, educational attainment and marital status.

NOTE: The slideshow only shows the data for overall voter representation in each state. To see the individual rankings for states' racial, age and gender representation, click here for the full report.