Large woods fire erupts in Sharon community

Large woods fire erupts in Sharon community

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a press release from the Jones County Fire Council.

Jones County continues to see a major influx of brush and woods fires.

The Sharon community dealt with an out-of-control fire on Tuesday, invoking the need for assistance from Mississippi Forestry.


Sharon and Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the scene of an out-of-control woods fire on Tommy Johnson Road. When firefighters arrived on scene, they quickly realized that the fire had spread far beyond Tommy Johnson Road and had jumped a small stream, advancing toward a pipeline that sat between Tommy Johnson Road and other roads near Sharon Highway.

Unfortunately, due to the positioning of the blaze, it was nearly impossible for volunteers to gain necessary access to the fire in order to establish control. The area in which the fire was located was in chest-high thickets and brush, as well as a thick grouping of trees along the pipeline.

Both Sharon and Shady Grove fire departments did their best to maintain the fire from the locations that they could reach, but immediately requested assistance from Mississippi Forestry when it became clear that a bulldozer would be required to reach certain areas.

Thankfully, no homes were in danger.

Jones County is not under a burn ban at this time, but those planning to burn brush, trash piles or anything else outside are urged to take extraordinary caution before doing so, and if at all possible, wait to perform your burn until we see some moisture in the area that can help abate the strong possibility of the fire getting out-of-control.

A special alert was issued by the National Weather Service for Jones County: "DANGEROUS FIRE CONDITIONS CONTINUE THROUGH WEDNESDAY." Please take heed of this alert, and wait to perform any outdoor burns.