Kendall Breland becomes first Female in Mississippi to score TD

Kendall Breland becomes first Female in Mississippi to score TD

LAUREL, MS - "It's like, no turning back now," said Laurel senior Kendall Breland. "All you got to do is run straight in and they're going to open right up for you."

After Breland scored the first touchdown by a female in Mississippi history Friday Night, Laurel head coach Todd Breland was quoted saying the Green Packers' defense couldn't have stopped his O-line from opening that hole for Kendall.

"They were so happy," Kendall said. "They were up there jumping and screaming. When I hit that sideline, almost every hand hit my helmet.

The Golden Tornadoes had no idea the scope of Kendall's touchdown, they just wanted to get a teammate who's never missed a practice in three seasons her moment.

"They realize that she's one of us," coach Breland said. "Obviously, they take care of her like they do the rest of their teammates. We have a strong family unit out here."

"They treat me just like one of the other players because I grew up with most of them," Kendall said.

Her Pee-wee football days is when Kendall decided she would eventually play high school ball.

That decision didn't come without its detractors, including from her head coach.

"I can remember the day," coach Breland said. "She came into the cafeteria and told me, 'I'm playing next year.' And I said, 'Kendall why don't you play something else? Play softball or something.' And she said, 'I want to play football.' And I was apprehensive, never coached a girl in football. But after the first season, I wouldn't have let her quit if she tried."

"A lot of people told me football wasn't the best idea," Kendall said. "But I told them I wanted to play so I'm going to play."

Kendall sort of has the attitude that she can accomplish anything she wants. On Wednesday morning, she's going to be sworn into the National Guard, fulfilling a life-long dream.

And for any other young girls out there thinking about defying the odds, Kendall has a message.

"Go for it," Kendall said. "The sky's the limit."