Lawmakers hope to pass early voting next session

Lawmakers hope to pass early voting next session

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - Before Mississippians cast ballots in the presidential election, state lawmakers are are trying to make voting safer and easier in future elections.

"During the 2017 session, we'll be looking at way to make voting not just safer, less likely that fraud might happen, but also making it easier to vote," said Rep. Noah Sanford, R-District 90. "One of those things is early voting. The House passed that this year. It did not go into effect, but hopefully we'll get that through in the 2017 session."

Sanford said he thinks it could boost voter turnout, especially for those people who may be homebound or out of the county on election day, if people could vote early in person instead of going through the absentee voter process.

He also said he thinks it would particularly benefit people in his district, which includes Covington, Jefferson Davis and Simpson counties.

"It's a rural area," Sanford said. "We have a lot of people who drive a long way for work, a lot of people who work offshore and so having early voting, making it easy for people to vote when they're not here on election day is absolutely something that we need to do."

Early voting was included in a large election reform bill that passed the house in the 2016, but did not make it through the Senate.