'The Help' cast members visit Forrest County school

'The Help' cast members visit Forrest County school

FORREST COUNTY (WDAM) - Eighth grade students at Dixie Attendance Center studied the novel "The Help" during their first nine-weeks of school, and got a visit Friday from two of the actresses in the Mississippi-shot film.

Twins Eleanor "Ella" and Emma Henry are from Jackson and were three-years-old when they played the character Mae Mobley in the 2011 movie. Now 9, they along with their parents hosted a question and answer session and shared some behind the scenes stories with students.

"This is so exciting," said principal Mandy Bailey. "It's a great opportunity for our students to get to meet actors and actresses, especially (those) here from Mississippi that are local actors and actresses, and to be part of such a huge film. This is a big, big opportunity."

Emma said the day was "exciting" and her favorite part was "talking about the movie and the actors."

Being from Mississippi, she said it was exciting to have other students in the state reading the book and watching the movie.

Ella said she also liked talking about the movie and their experience on set.

"But my parents did most of the talking," she said laughing.

Her favorite part of doing the movie?

"Pretty much just doing the movie," Ella said. "It's fun acting."

Ella said she would like to do other movies in the future, but Emma, while she liked doing "The Help" said she is finished.

Bailey said events like this give her students unique insight on real life experiences and helps them get a different view of required reading.

"What it's like to be on a set, what it was like to interact with superstars as they call it, what it's like to have to memorize lines, what is the real behind the scenes action that takes place behind the movie set, and how that is important to relating to the actual message of the book," she said. "It was just super special to have them here with us, to let my students here at Dixie meet them and be able to ask them questions that they would rarely get the opportunity to ask actual stars from movies."