Oak Grove's Plumee rising above the competition

Oak Grove's Plumee rising above the competition
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - John Rhyes Plumlee is pretty good at this play-making thing. The Oak Grove quarterback added to his highlight reel last week against Petal, turning a collapsed pocket into a field of dazed defenders as he dove into the end zone. 

"It's really not me," Plumlee said. "It's the (offensive line) most definitely. Going down the field I know on the one that I ran at Petal, Davrion (Hartfield), he blocked two guys back to back and made a way for me. They're doing an awesome job."

Only a sophomore, Plumlee's confidence level is growing each week.

"Confidence has definitely grown," he said. "Getting more and more time each week, confidence and experience. Really getting on the same page as everybody really and just being able to make plays back there."

Warriors head coach Drew Causey said the sophomore has naturally transitioned into a leadership role.

"He's a great leader and he's a heck of a play maker," Causey said. "So just kind of a natural position for him. He's a guy that's been able to handle a lot of things thrown at him and he's done a great job."

The starting quarterback position was up for grabs at the beginning of the season. Although he had to wait his turn, Plumlee made sure he was ready for his moment.

Since then he has shown the ability to add another dimension to the Warriors offense.

"We see a lot at practice," Causey said. "He's a guy that started for us on defense as a ninth grader. So we knew he had a lot of athletic ability and is able to do a lot of things. Once he gets the ball in his hands and starts running around anything can happen."

Anything can happen, like leaping over a defender like a hurdle on a track in the Warriors' 48-41 win over Hattiesburg on Sept. 16.

"I kind of thought about it earlier in the week," Plumlee said. "I saw (Louisville quarterback) Lamar Jackson  do it. But when (the defender) broke down early, I don't know what made me jump but I jumped. It was a cool play."

At 1-1 in district play, the Warriors are in critical phase of the season. They host Meridian Friday.

While his highlights grab the spotlight, Plumlee knows what he needs to do to elevate the squad to a new level.

"I think throwing the ball, I need to get a little better getting on the same page with the receivers just a little bit more," he said. "And be able to march it down the field just a little bit better."