New Hub City clinic offers new ways to healing

New Hub City clinic offers new ways to healing

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When one takes a drive down South 40th Avenue in Hattiesburg, one just might miss a new business, Cool Therapeutics.

According to the manager Ashly Hudson, its purpose is just what the sign says out front, rejuvenation and recovery, but in an alternative way.

"I really think that people are genuinely and truly searching for a way to stop taking so many different pills," Hudson said.

Hudson said that is where the center can help. She explained Cool Therapeutics offers a holistic approach to therapy and treatment.

"The body naturally wants to heal itself, on its own, so everything that we provide fosters that ability for the body to do that and kind of jump start the healing process," Hudson said.

Hudson said behind each door inside the facility is a way to heal on a cellular level, or treat chronic to acute pain.

There is a room with a hyperbaric chamber. Hudson said it is used to increase the oxygen in one's blood, which helps with sports injuries, wound healing, and depression.

In another room, the Infrared Sauna removes toxins, and has cosmetic benefits. Then, there is the coolest therapy in the clinic, the Cryosauna.

"What happens while you are in the (cryosauna) chamber is that the temperature will get down to negative 166 to negative 244 degrees," Hudson said.

Hudson added in the chamber, a person's blood constricts from his or her extremities to the heart and lungs and the oxygen in the blood increases. When a person is done, it flows back to the limbs enriched, which Hudson said can help with arthritis, migraines, soreness, to skin tightening just to name a few.

Hudson said once the three minute session of a freezing blast is over, one is left feeling invigorated.

Hudson said some clients trying the holistic therapies are athletes, or people looking to stop simple over counter pain relievers, or easing complications from autoimmune diseases.

But Hudson said she advises anyone to consult their doctor before trying the cryosauna or any of the alternative therapies.

If you're interested in Cool Therapeutics'  approach, stop by the office on South 40th Avenue in Hattiesburg.