Election preparation continues in Jones County

Election preparation continues in Jones County
Election Prep continues. Photo Credit WDAM

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The voting commissioners in Jones County are working to make sure everybody's vote counts on Nov. 8.

With voter registration ending this weekend, they want to make sure that everyone is registered and ready when the election comes around.

"We work all year getting people who have moved in or out. We try to keep our records accurate all the way through," Beat 2 Election Commissioner Marilyn Huff said.

Part of election preparation includes making sure poll workers are prepared.

Jones county usually employs the same poll workers, but they encourage those who want to join the process to do so.

The county and its commissioners train poll workers every year to make sure they are kept up on updates and changes.

Election commissioners want people to know if they change their address before the election and make sure the county knows about it. If they do not, the vote may not count.

At this time Jones County has over 40,000 active voters ready for the election.

Work involving any election can be stressful, but Huff said it is also rewarding.

"It's just a joy working to work for the people and we hope everyone will vote," Huff said.