Devastating fire leaves metal and ash

Devastating fire leaves metal and ash

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a press release from the Jones County Fire Council.

A devastating fire left a single-story home in ruin early Sunday morning.

Around 2 a.m., units from Moselle and Union Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the scene of the house fire located on a rural dirt road off of Berry Road in the Moselle community.

The metal roof cabin-style home, next to the Leaf River, was considered a total loss after an intense blaze quickly consumed the structure.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they advised that it was a fully involved structure fire, and the home was mostly collapsed. According to a gentleman on scene, he stated that he and his girlfriend had placed burgers on the grill and left the house for about an hour. Upon their return, they could see a bright orange light in the distance, and as they neared closer, they realized that the house was on fire.

While nearby neighbors called 911, the 28-year-old man on scene quickly acted to rescue a cat and dog that were trapped inside the home. However, he was only able to save the cat. The man stated that he tried to suppress the flames using a water hose but realized there wasn't much of the house left to save and waited for firefighters to arrive.

Since the home was mostly destroyed, firefighters performed overhaul to extinguish any remaining hot-spots and suppress small pockets of fire.

Although the exact cause of the fire is unknown, the man on scene believes that the rusted charcoal grill may have had a hole in the bottom that leaked hot coals onto the ground, initiating the fire.

Initial reports stated that there was uncertainty if anyone was inside the structure during the fire, and that screams could be heard by nearby neighbors, but it was later confirmed that no occupants were inside and no one was injured. Firefighters were on scene for over two hours.

Rescue personnel on scene included Moselle and Union Volunteer Fire Departments, Jones County Sheriff's Department and Jones County Public Information Officer Caleb Worrell. Ovett Volunteer Fire Department was also responding but returned to their station after being canceled by Moselle volunteers.

Fire apparatus included Moselle Engine and Tanker and Union Engine and Tanker.