Consider This: Exercise your right to vote

Consider This: Exercise your right to vote

With the presidential election less than 40 days away, we are all inundated with campaign ads, mailings, and news reports about the upcoming election.

The United States Constitution mentions the “right to vote” five times; however, living in a democratic country provides us with the privilege of voting as free citizens allowed to participate in government.

Everyone eligible should exercise his or her right to vote in the upcoming election.  Regardless of which candidate you support, the citizens need to speak through the election process.

In Mississippi, the deadline to register to vote is October 8.  You can register to vote at a county circuit clerk office or when completing a driver’s license transaction. You will receive a voter identification card when you are registered.

 Although we may not realize it, every vote DOES make a difference.  In 1960, John Kennedy won the popular vote by only 2% to defeat Richard Nixon.  In 1976, the election was so close that no one knew Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford until the day after the election.

Consider This: Please take the time to be informed about the positions of both candidates, register to vote by October 8, exercise your right as a United States citizen and vote on November 8.