9-year-old gives up birthday gifts to support animal shelter

9-year-old gives up birthday gifts to support animal shelter
(Source: The Burroughs)
(Source: The Burroughs)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Most children count down to their birthdays with anticipation for smart phones, the latest technology, or even a birthday bash complete with cake.

One Pine Belt girl had bigger concerns and decided to forfeit all of her would-be gifts for a greater cause.

Nine-year-old Payton is like any other youthful youngster, she was excited for her birthday to come around.

"Well, at first I did want presents," said Payton Burroughs.

Payton had a quick change of heart.

"Then, I thought about how much I loved animals," Payton said.

Rather than colors, Barbies, cutting cake, or other sparkly things that win most young girls over, Payton decided to forgo the usual to help her furry friends.

"I decided to make donations instead of people bringing me presents," Payton said. "I wanted them to bring me toys, food, and leashes to the animal."

Payton would then make a special delivery to the Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

"I was really happy that those people wanted to give like 100 and something dollars to the animal shelter. I think it was $127," Payton said.

Burroughs is a compassionate girl who sees value in animals for more than the obvious reasons.

"I love them not just because they're cute, but because they help people. Like if someone is blind, they can help them go the right way or protect them from danger," Payton said.

As sweet as it sounds, her views are quite mature for a nine-year-old.

"It's better to give than to receive," Payton said.

So that's what she lives by saying, for every birthday that comes around, she'll have the same requests.