Father of triple murder victim in Wayne Co. speaks

Father of triple murder victim in Wayne Co. speaks

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The father of a man who was killed in a triple murder in Wayne County said losing his son was a terrible ordeal.

"It takes so much out of me, to speak frankly, it's been hell," Paul Taylor said.

Taylor's son, Lloyd Taylor, his wife Sonya Taylor, and another male victim were shot and killed in Wayne County in December of 2015.  His son's body was found burned inside of car in a wooded area not from his home.

Willie Miller was charged in their murder.

Taylor believes his son would still be here if it were not for drugs.

"I tried to get him to get off, straighten his life up," Taylor added.

He said it's too late now, but he hopes speaking out will help another family.

"If I can keep one person, just one person from getting it, I feel like all of this is worth it," Taylor explained.

Sheriff Ashley said cases like makes him fight drugs even harder in Wayne County.

"Coming in we had to get tough on drugs because drugs robbery, murder, they're all together," Sheriff Ashley said.

Sheriff Ashley said his department will not be easing up anytime soon.

"It's going to get harder and harder here in Wayne County for them to sell drugs do drugs, zero tolerance," Sheriff Ashley added.