Truckbed accident raises safety concerns

Truckbed accident raises safety concerns
Is it safe to ride unsecured in a vehicle? Photo Credit WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Riding in the backs of a pickup truck is something people do every day and it's completely legal.

Last week an accident in Jones County saw an occupant of the truck ejected from the vehicle, which is causing safety concerns.

Lieutenant Jon Traxler with the Hattiesburg Police Department spoke about the dangers of riding unsecured in a vehicle.

"Well anytime you're in a vehicle and a person is not secured, if a crash happens a person can be ejected, but even worse if you're in the back of a pickup truck a person can very easily fall over the side" Traxler said.

Traxler also said to consider where the truck is being driven.

Traxler said drivers should consider if the truck is traveling on a highway, and the miles per hour the truck is traveling before choosing to ride in the bed of the truck.

Traxler added that the driver could be ticketed for careless driving regardless of where the passengers are sitting.

"We want to make sure the public is aware that just because they're may not be a law against somebody riding in the back of the vehicle, if the operator is operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner, we can definitely write them a ticket for careless driving" Traxler said.