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City of Bellevue files response to annexation attempt


Last week the Citizens of Bellevue filed a response in Forrest County Chancery Court in regards to the annexation attempt currently being attempted by the City of Hattiesburg.

The proposed Mayor of the City of Bellevue, John Adcock, issued the following statement in regards to this action.

“Last week our executive committee filed this response in Chancery Court in regards to the City of Hattiesburg’s annexation filing through the heart of the proposed City of Bellevue. For over a year now we have been out in the community meeting with residents and business owners in an effort to incorporate and become our own city. It is quite clear that Hattiesburg’s most recent filing is an intentional effort to thwart the incorporation of Bellevue and nothing more. For years, Hattiesburg leaders have been moving the city limits further and further into Lamar County only taking commercial sales tax and giving nothing back to the surrounding residents, and now they have their sights set on Bellevue. However, the residents of Bellevue are speaking and their voice will be heard. We want control over our own community and to direct our own course without any outside interference from the City of Hattiesburg. Their recent annexation attempt is both unwanted and unneeded. Since Bellevue’s infancy, our committee has made it clear that we were not looking for a fight with Hattiesburg. However, Hattiesburg seems intent on picking a fight with Bellevue.  And because we know that our community is worth fighting for, Bellevue is ready to engage in that fight with Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg has made it abundantly clear that it is only interested in Lamar County revenue, and no Lamar County votes. It is our declaration as a committee that this mentality is wrong and should be stopped.  We are within sight of reaching the number of required signatures needed to file our petition for incorporation. We are confident that once that is achieved, the courts will recognize the injustice of the City of Hattiesburg’s ill-advised annexation attempt. Until that point we will do everything in our power to fight this annexation on behalf of the community. We are determined that Bellevue will be victorious. We urge those people who have not signed the petition for incorporation to do so sooner rather than later. It is time we stand together and reject the City of Hattiesburg’s money grab into our community. Bellevue belongs to the people who live here and it is time we unite and draw a line in the sand that can never be erased.”    

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