Ellisville Police Department to roll out new ticket system

Ellisville Police Department to roll out new ticket system

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The Ellisville Police Department has purchased new computers, software and printers for its patrol cars.

The purchase was made possible by a fund set up by the Department of Public Safety. A portion of the proceeds from citations written by the agency is placed into an account to fund the system.

The Wireless Fund is designed to help agencies purchase communications and technology equipment needed for the eCite ticket system.

Now, instead of writing the tickets out by hand, they are now printed out in the car and then given to the violator.

The tickets are easier to read and citations are much faster.

Scott Wuertz, investigator with the Ellisville Police Department, said that the system allows officers to write multiple tickets and also aids in officer safety.

"The officer can go into his computer and scan the drivers license and print the ticket out," Wuertz said. "It's faster than the traditional way of writing a citation which ultimately culminates in officer safety and everything is easily read by the violator and the court system."

The Ellisville Police Department is the first agency in Jones County to start using the eCite ticket system and the 17th agency in the state to begin using it.